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Folding a Suit for Travel

Folding a SuitAn interesting facet of travel (especially extended travel) is how to fold your clothes for travel with limited bag space. I am a personal fan of the ‘roll’ technique in the interest of saving space and the added benefit of reducing wrinkles. My current dilemma is how to fold a sport-coat and while I’m at it, collard shirts. Sport coats weren’t really ment to be folded, they are supposed to be packed in a garment bag, however, my situation doesn’t allow for lots of specialty bags- so how can I pack my backpack to come out looking like James Bond if the situation calls for it? After intensive Google research, here is how:

A men’s wardrobe guide from 1953 on how to fold a dress or sport coat while keeping wrinkles to a minimum [via], was a useful start:

1. Spread the coat out on a flat surface. Make certain collar is turned up, that sleeves are straight and laid out smoothly, free of wrinkles.

packing a dress coat

2. Turn sleeves up so that lower portion is about even with armhole when folded. Keep all parts smooth and free of wrinkles

packing a dress coat

3. Fold front side parts of coat over sleeves so that edges meet a rear center seam. Smooth out wrinkles.

packing a dress coat

4. To pack in wide container: Double up over sleeves to top of collar. Pick up each side of garment and lay coat smoothly into bag.

packing a dress coat

5. To pack in duffle bag or narrow container: Smooth out wrinkles, fold left side over right side, then bottom to top, and lay flat in bag.

packing a dress coat

Or you could just follow this step-by-step video:

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